Meal Kits

While flipping through a magazine or browsing over the internet, you come across a truly scrumptious, mouth-watering recipe and wonder, “Why can’t I have this gourmet meal delivered to my doorstep?”

Well, Vanoos Grillette has made it possible for you to cook culinary delights at home with carefully crafted meal kits.

Designed by our experienced chefs, our meal kits take the stress out of preparing a home-cooked meal by providing you all the essential ingredients you need to replicate a gourmet dinner along with easy-to-follow recipes. This way, you can save the time you would have otherwise spent on grocery shopping and instead, prepare wholesome, delicious meals for your family at home.

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Meal Kits Designed for Your Lifestyle

Don’t eat meat? Have gluten intolerance? No problem! Vanoos Grillette has delicious meal kits available for both vegetarians and meat lovers. We give you the freedom to choose a meal kit that suits your food choices, taste, and nutritional needs.

A Delectable, Mouth-Watering Dinner Is Just 3 Steps Away!


Choose from our range of vegetarian and meat lovers’ meal kits that features a range of options from Lamb Shank to Grilled Carrots and Mediterranean Couscous. Simply pick the ones that suit your palette and lifestyle and we will deliver the meal kits right to your doorstep within a week.


Our meal kits comprise of pre-measured and prepped fresh ingredients that save you the hassle of grocery shopping. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step recipes included in every meal kit to prepare a hearty dinner for your family in just about 30 minutes


Pat yourself on the back because you have just cooked a nutritious, restaurant-worthy dinner at home! Enjoy it with your loved ones. Need more variety for the next week? Browse through our extensive menu to explore new recipes to try at home.

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